Aims and Scope

'Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology' is an international journal that publishes peer reviewed cutting edge research articles on all aspects of environmental arenas in an open access platform. The coverage ranges across the research at various levels in connection with newer tools for the development of advanced technology. The coverage is global in scope, offering articles of interest from environmental experts around the world. Critical review articles are also welcome, submission of these is strongly encouraged. Papers that do not have sufficient originality, significance and possible solutions, will not be recommended for acceptance. All research articles published in 'Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology' are open access. The articles are freely accessible to view, download and use via the internet to everyone. All articles are immediately deposited after acceptance and permanently archived in the journal.


'Euresian Publications' aspire to be one of the important information centers in the sphere of environmental sciences to conserve and achieve the goals of sustainable development.


'Euresian Publications' are aiming to provide a unique and rapid publishing platform for the supreme quality articles for the environmental researchers and interested individuals in conservational aspects of our mother earth with proper communication means and sharing of experiences.


This journal covers the micro-scale aspects of following interdisciplinary areas of Environmental Sciences.

Environmental agriculture, Environmental architecture, Environmental biology, Environmental biotechnology, Environmental botany, Environmental economics, Environmental education, Environmental electronics, Environmental engineering, Environmental ethics, Environmental geography, Environmental geology, Environmental health, Environmental hydrology, Environmental impact assessment, Environmental informatics, Environmental issues, Environmental journalism, Environmental chemistry, Environmental law, Environmental management, Environmental microbiology, Environmental nanotechnology, Environmental pharmacy, Environmental physics, Environmental planning and policy, Environmental politics, Environmental pollution, Environmental remote sensing and GIS, Environmental sociology, Environmental statistics, Environmental toxicology, Environmental trade and commerce, Environmental zoology.

Papers submitted to 'Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology' should address environmental management, control, possible solutions and the further research needs. These may also includes the case studies, observational and theoretical analysis, mathematical and computer modeling techniques, use of science and technology to the problems we face today informing other researchers, practioners or individual of environmental interests.

As the principal user of environment resources, human beings are the only living ones, answerable for shocking events rather than catastrophic. We all survivals of this beautiful and god gifted earth are aware of the fact that the changes carried out in the external environment are due to the anthropogenic activities and only we have possible solutions on it. We strongly believe that the journal will definitely provide a moral way of reality through awareness, management and knowledge on newer technological advancement. Our final aim is not a business that others do. We are here with a humane support to the genius individuals for development of sound environmental connection who knows something novel about the scientific aspects of environmental arenas and want to contribute for the social up-liftment of the whole human society through quality research. We believe all the contributors, editors, information suppliers and readers are the part of novel and moral work of research and social development. Publish with us and be a part of our family.

Under Editor-In-Chief Dr. A. V. Mane, 'Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology' is published on behalf of 'Euresian Publications', Pune in co-operation with non-profit 'Sahyadri Environmental Awareness Organization', Kolhapur, India. For any queries and submission related problems please contact to

Publishing is not our business. We are here only for you. Our honest and moral way of work is only for 'Environmental Conservation' through research development. No doubt, you are among the very few people who care for our mother earth. We need you with us as a part of publishing family. I personally request to be in touch with us for must needed change and better tomorrow.

Dr. A. V. Mane
M.Sc., PGDISO, M.B.A., Ph. D.
Euresian Publications

I think open access journals are very effective means to collect and provide the born knowledge of exceptional individuals towards each and every person of the globe and overall development of research for the benefit of human society.

Prof. Dr. G. R. Pathade
Editorial Advisory Member

The Cultured Logo of Euresain Publications

Environmental Journal logoOur logo is designed to show a unique combination of earth's environment, leaves of tree, book and a lighting lamp. The goal of humanity is to gain 'knowledge' which we believe is inherent in human mind. As Swami Vivekananda had said 'No knowledge comes from outside, it is all inside, within us'. What we learn is really what we discover by taking the cover off our own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge. We firmly believe that publishers and scholars cannot do the sacred work of spreading knowledge by a way of publications alone neither dependent, nor independent, but really to say are interdependent on each other. Books play an important role in our life starting from birth to death even in this electronic age. Knowledge of humanity has transferred through generations with the strong medium of books.

We bow to knowledge which is the greatest wealth in our lives. Information nowadays is more valuable than gold if it is in the hands of right people. All decision makers always depend on real and quality information. A little, real and simple information can make a big difference in achieving a success of anything. Thus there is no treasure more valuable than knowledge both in this life or the next. We all have that stuff-energy that was available in the past, present nowadays and will remain ever is the base for showing earth in the logo and indirectly represents the universal contents.

Our daily worship and all auspicious functions, religious as well as social, start with the lighting of the lamp called 'deepam'. It represent that all our intellectual activities should be governed by the light of knowledge even for spiritual development. The lamp is a witness to our thoughts and actions and is put in the logo of Euresian Publication.

It's a strong belief in our culture, that everything in the universe is sacred and whatever grows is more so. Trees in general are considered as sacred and homes of mother goddesses. Leaves represent greenery and with that come a wealth which is more related with sacred resource useful for spiritual development. Trees are also indicators of creators and grow in search of light-energy which is the base of all living and non living things in this universe. Worship of the tree is a form of 'Shaktism', the cult of mother. Trees and leaves, lamp and a book of the logo all directly or indirectly represent a continual source of knowledge. We strongly believe that presence of this logo with all of us provides a moral way to search and present the outer and inner world of knowledge in scientific view.

Moreover, we believe our logo is a symbol of purity and continual flow of knowledge.